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A roof is the first line of defense for every building. It withstands against harsh and sometimes brutal weather known to the state of Minnesota. Eventually, elements beyond your control impact a roofing system to the point of needing a complete overhaul. Gold Star Contracting is a leader in commercial roof replacement for Eden Prairie, MN.

As a business owner in Eden Prairie, you are aware of the potential situations your structure may face with harsh climate. At Gold Star Contracting we are here to give you peace of mind.

Take advantage of our free in-home consultation to have your commercial roof evaluated. We conduct a full roof inspection to give you an accurate quote for costs and timeframe. Our high-quality roofing services center around your needs. They include both commercial roof repair and replacement.

Extreme weather in Eden Prairie can cause severe damages to your roof. The range of damage starts with something small such as a pesky leak, missing shingles or natural aging. On the opposite end of the range you find significant hail or tree damage. This makes it even more crucial to immediately address any defect or need for repair so the problem does not become bigger.

Gold Star Contracting is your go-to team of roofing contractors to handle every commercial roof replacement in Eden Prairie, MN. We commit to offering specialized commercial services depending on your unique circumstance. Our years of experience in the commercial industry show our outstanding workmanship and values.

We have extensive knowledge of a variety of roofing and siding materials. The top-quality products we use for commercial roofing depend on your preference and the building’s layout.

What We Fix For Commercial Roofing In Eden Prairie, MN:

Having to replace your roof now can lead to a substantial investment in the long run as it improves your business’s curb appeal. A new roof doesn’t just give your building a new look but it safeguards the structure as a whole. Design quality, installation, roof materials, maintenance, abuse, and weather influence a commercial property’s life.

The most common situations that could lead to roof replacement are:

Storm Damage

Storm-related damages are the number one problem for roofs. Most of it is a direct result of a hail storm. This usually come with hail ranging from 1- inches in size, in a storm that can last for minutes. If you own a property in Eden Prairie that has recently been in a hail storm it would be wise to have us inspect your building’s roofing system immediately to be sure it is water-tight.

Roof Leaks

Leaks happen no matter how well your roofing system was installed. It would be wise to contact us immediately once discovered a leaky roof. We will send one of our professional inspectors to your building to assess the damage and schedule repairs. Leaks can be detrimental because of the damaged water can do. Water damaged will inevitably cause mold to grow, affecting the insulation and siding.

Major Remodel

You might be considering expanding the square footage of your building. This would be the perfect time for a replacement. We have seen building owners simply add new roofing to the old roofing and the look isn’t quite right. Of course, the old roofing has aged from weather and the sun. A total replacement will increase the value and appearance of your home.

Obvious Wear And Tear

Asphalt shingles are made to have a life span of over 15 years. However, due to seasonal events such as ice damming, mold and moss growth, it creates an impact on the roof’s durability. A few signs of wear and tear generally include ripped or missing shingles, rotting wood along with the roof framing, or signs of water damage in the interior of the building. These are all signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Otherwise, there will be further damages on other exterior parts.

Regardless of your structure’s condition, our team at Gold Star Contracting is always ready to handle your commercial roofing projects. Be sure to contact us for a free consultation!

About Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Eden Prairie is located 12 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis in Hennepin County. Known for its natural stretched landscapes, the city has dedicated over 10,000 acres of land for beautiful parks and open spaces. Eden Prairie is home to several amenities enjoyed by people of all ages.

A telescope made by Meade (LX200) can be found at Staring Lake Observatory in the Outdoor Center. Every month new stargazing opportunities are posted. Those opportunities include peering into portions of the Milky Way, watching meteor light trails and catching glimpses of a dying star.

Eden Prairie is familiar with long, warm, and wet summers. Winters are freezing, snowy, and windy. Throughout the year, the city’s temperature varies but is rarely seen below -11F or above 92F.

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With the vast temperature fluctuations and harsh weather we encounter in Eden Prairie, MN it is important that your roof is in good condition.

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