Gutters Installation and Repair

Gutters work to protect your home or commercial property by preventing water damage on the outside as well as on the inside. Downspouts are attached to your gutter system and their role in preventing water damage is to direct the water away from the building.

At Gold Star Contracting, we are committed to keeping your gutters in excellent condition. Our tradesmen are meticulous and experienced, bringing you high-quality gutters installation and repair at prices you can afford.

Gutters systems can last 20 to 30 years, though it is likely they will need repairs throughout this time. The first step to extending the life of your gutters is with regular gutter cleaning. While many problems with your gutters can be repaired, sometimes the best move is for you to go ahead and replace the gutter system. The main factor in deciding whether or not to replace your gutter system will be the extent of the damage. If there is extensive damage, skipping a full replacement can lead to multiple sections of your gutters giving you problems or you can have one problem area repaired that will just keep coming back.

The gutter system is a relatively simple design, meaning there are only a few major ways they could fail.

Common Gutter Problems

Sag – If your gutters are leaning down or visibly pulling away from the building, you must act quickly to avoid rotting fascia board and potentially total gutter collapse. Gutter sag is typically the result of a broken hanger or spike. Additional reasons the gutter could be sagging could be due to excess weight from debris, ice expansion over the winter, or undue stress such as a leaning a ladder against the gutters.


– Natural materials like leaves or unnatural materials like tennis balls can clog up your gutters. Some clear signs of blockage is water marks under the gutters or pooling water and mildew new your foundation. If you notice any of these signs, your gutters are probably overflowing and need to be cleaned. It is also possible your downspout is blocked, in this case.


– If water is escaping but the gutters are not blocked by debris, you have a leak. A leak can sometimes occur at the joints between sections of the gutter, which can be resealed. Also possible is for a leak to develop through a crack in the gutters from corrosion or other damage. Once a weak spot is established in a gutter system, it will likely become a recurring problem.

Poor Pitch

– Though they look level from a distance, gutters must be pitched toward the downspout in order to work properly. The correct slope is at least a quarter inch for every ten feet of a gutter. Your gutters are most likely improperly pitched if water is pooling in your gutters when there is no blockage.

Call a reputable roofing professional to look over your gutters and provide you with an honest assessment. Gold Star Contracting can repair your current gutter or install brand new ones.
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