Insurance Claims

Discovering damage to your roof, be it your home or commercial property, can be a stressful time. Navigating the insurance claim process can require many follow-ups and considerable time commitments set aside for in-person meetings with insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, and sometimes your mortgage company.

Most homeowner insurance and business insurance policies will provide coverage for roof damage caused by unpreventable reasons. It is imperative to begin this process when you first suspect roof damage. To handle the insurance claim process from start to finish, Gold Star Contracting recommends you do the following:

Step 1 – Look for Damage Immediately After a Storm

After experiencing particularly rough weather, take a walk around your property. Take note of anything you see out of the ordinary, especially something that could affect the structure of your property. Look especially for anything that could be affecting your roof. If there appears to be damage, begin documenting the details surrounding the damage.

Step 2 – Document Details Related to the Damage

To simplify your property claim, it is recommended to take “before” photos of your roof and the exterior of your property. After the suspected damage occurs, a set of “after” photos will show the change in your roof’s condition. You should also keep records of all work that is done on or near the roof itself, such as a contractor entering the ceiling/attic to operate on a faulty water heater, or a landscaper who used the roof as their home base while cutting trees. The purpose is to show the amount of the damage to your roof caused by relevant perils.

Step 3 – Contact Your Insurance Company to Check your Policy Coverage

Prior to the official damage assessment by the roofing company, you need to fully understand your policy. The easiest way to know what your policy covers is to contact your insurance provider. The policy may cover the full cost or a portion of the cost, depending on a variety of factors. A typical property insurance policy will include coverage that protects your roof from certain perils. Common perils include fire, wind, and hail damage.

Step 4 – Choose a Roofing Contractor with Insurance Expertise

At this time, contact a roofing company to receive your professional evaluation. This should be done prior to completing your insurance application. You want to select a roofing contractor with insurance expertise because they have special knowledge as to what issues should be highlighted for the insurance company. The Gold Star Contracting team has years of experience assisting customers in completing successful insurance applications for both residential and commercial property.

Step 5 – Keep an Eye Out for Contingency Contracts

Most roofing companies will offer a free evaluation of your roof’s condition, but you should be aware of something known as contingency agreements. These contracts are often disguised as inspection reports. Though a contingency agreement is not legally binding, it can place you in an uncomfortable situation as you shop around for your ideal roofing company.

When the roofing company has completed the assessment, you will know whether or not a claim should be filed.

Step 6 – Contact Your Insurance Company

Schedule an appointment for an adjuster to come out and assess any damages. This is very similar to the assessment carried out by your roofing company, but the insurance company always needs to assess it themselves to confirm the extent of the damage.

After the insurance company confirms the amount of damage, work can begin on the roof immediately.

Sometimes, it can take months to realize storm damage has occured to your roof. You can rest easy knowing if damage is not reported immediately, your insurance company should still cover damage up to a year after the storm. Get an expert’s opinion on the extent of the damages as soon as possible to get the process started.

At Gold Star Contracting, we stand by our roofs. Solid and reputable roofing contractors will provide a free roof inspection and a roof replacement estimate at no obligation (i.e., with no contingency agreement). We have a team of talented, meticulous roofing professionals who will treat your roof with care. If you suspect damage has occured to your roof, contact us today to set up a professional evaluation.