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With the bustling pace of our lives today, it’s easy for long stretches of time to pass seemingly in an instant. Within that amount of time you may not have given even a thought to the stability of your roof. The main reason being that your roof is built to last many years without a repair or replacement. We may only notice if there’s a leak big enough to grab our attention. However, just like other parts of your home, the roof should be evaluated frequently. When you do need a residential roof replacement in Minnetonka MN, Gold Star Contracting has you covered.

The reality is at some point during your home’s lifetime, a roof replacement will become a necessity. Typically, the lifetime of a quality roof project is 20 years. However, harsh weather such as extreme heat, hail, wind storms can decrease the life and integrity of your roof. In Minnetonka, it’s not uncommon to experience this type of harsh weather.

We’ll break down other warning signs you should be aware of that indicates it’s time for a roof replacement.

Warning Signs For Residential Roof Replacement

One of the most frequent questions homeowners decide upon is whether to repair or to replace. While repairing a roof can extend its life, this may not be the best option depending on the status of your roof. Eventually, you will have to do a roof replacement. Gold Star Contracting offers free estimates to determine if the roof is repairable or if it’s better to do a full replacement.


Although roofing products on the market last up to 40 years, many factors can dictate the duration of your roof’s usefulness. If your roof is more than 25 years old, it is highly recommended to get it assessed for structural damage by a professional inspector to determine its integrity.

Neighbors Replacing Their Roofs

Most housing developments are built in one big project, so houses are relative in age. If you find that your neighbor is replacing their roof, it may be time to consider having yours done as well. As mentioned above, age is important to have in key when thinking of your roofing system’s state. Homes in the surrounding area also experience similar environmental factors. Again, if you notice neighbors inspecting their roof, it may be time to have yours done as well.

Bald Or Spotty Shingles

The protective granules of an asphalt roof can erode with time, leaving your shingles looking bald or spotty. Even though this is normal in the aging process, it is also a good reason to have the roofing materials replaced.

Curling Or Cupping Of Shingles

Factors such as a bad installation or installation over an existing roof can cause shingles to curl. Usually, curling shingles is an indication that your roof is aging. But if a significant portion of your roof is showing signs of visible curling around the edges, then it is vital to look into a roof replacement. If left unchecked, it causes leaks and further damaged to your home.

Dark Stains

Dark stains can begin to appear on your roof due to airborne algae and bacteria. Although it doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the roof, it makes it unsightly and a visible proof of aging. Dark stains can be taken off with bleach and water but should be done by a professional. Dark stains that are too difficult to remove might mean it’s time to change the roof.

Roofing Options For Residential Roof Replacement In Minnetonka MN

Gold Star Contracting offers a wide selection of roofing products and materials. Our roofing experts will walk you through the various options so you can make solid choice for your house. Some of the materials we offer are:

  • Metal
  • Asphalt
  • Tiles
  • Slate
  • Flat
  • Wood / Shake

We are proud to not only carry these styles but number brands such as GAF. Our roofing contractors will show you what others in Minnetonka have used on their home to give you a better idea for yours. Learn all the pros and cons for which roof style is perfect for your taste.

Residential Roof Repair Minnetonka MN

Why Choose Gold Star Contracting For Roofing Services?

Gold Star Contracting is the best roofing company to work with in Minnetonka MN. We are not only GAF certified but are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. Both of these certifications mean that we have taken the time and resources to ensure we use current roofing techniques. These companies also allow us to use their high quality materials for your roof to last for years.

With our years of experience in the industry, we know how stressful a complete roof replacement is. Our goal is to make the process easy, affordable and completed as quickly as possible.

Rest assured, we have an amazing customer service team who will give you frequent updates so you know what happening with the project. Our team also coordinates with your insurance company so you are not paying more than necessary. Once your roof is installed, we will stay in touch to make sure you are not seeing any leaks or damages. We hope to hear from you soon for your residential roof replacement in Minnetonka MN!

About Minnetonka, Minnesota

Minnetonka is a suburban city located in Hennepin County. The name comes from Dakota Sioux mni tanka, meaning “great water”. The city is the home of the largest privately owner company, Cargill, and the stat’es largest publicly owned company, UnitedHealth Group.

One of the prides of Minnetonka is the Minnetonka Millers, a Class A baseball club that became state champions in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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