Residential Roof Replacement in Elko, MN

Don’t make the mistake of putting off residential roof replacement. The best way to ensure your home will stay warm (and dry) is to check the condition of your roofing systems every season.

When you discover damage to your shingle roof, gutters, or siding, the next step is to call your residential roofing contractors for assistance. Unlike other roofing contractor services, we offer free estimates and an on-site roof inspection.

Our Core Residential Roofing Services

Our team can lend a hand if you are in the market for a basic repair or complete replacement. Give us a call today and discuss the roof replacement cost, roofing materials, or even ways to enhance your curb appeal!

We work with a range of trusted brands, including GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed shingles, to name a few. All our roofing systems come with extended full-coverage warranties meaning they should last up to 50 years.

Choose The Best Residential Roofing Team For The Job

Since 2007 we’ve served the Twin Cities region with well-received roofing contractor services. Read some of our client’s gold star reviews to see what makes us different than other roofing companies.

We can take on projects of every size and type of roofing material, most notably asphalt shingles. Regarding roof replacement, we’re proud to say there’s no job too small. Contact us today to learn about services for residential roofing installation and more.

Get Started

But first, let’s talk about a few common signs of wear and tear. If you notice any of these issues on your roof, it’s probably time for a roof replacement.

Common Signs You Need Replacement Roofing Service

Would you be surprised to learn that the average roof lasts around 20 years? If your roof is within this range, check your home for the following issues.

  • Cracked or damaged shingles
  • Loss of granules near the downspouts
  • Missing shingles
  • Roof discoloration and fading
  • Debris in the gutters

Our experts recommend inspecting the roof at least every season (four times yearly). It doesn’t take more than a small crack for water to seep, causing massive damage. In Minnesota, a little routine maintenance goes a long way.

Want to learn more about when it’s time to replace your shingles? Check out our blog on five reasons to replace your residential roof. In that post, we note several indicators that it’s time for new asphalt roofing.

Insurance Claims and Storm Damage

With more than ten years in the local roofing industry, we’ve seen the damage mother nature can cause. When accidents happen, it’s essential to have a trustworthy roofing company lend a hand. Luckily, we have an entire team dedicated to roofing insurance claims. Call today, and let us sort out the storm damage so you can relax.

If you’ve experienced recent storm damage, don’t panic. Just follow these six steps to start the claims process.

1. Once the storm has cleared, immediately assess your home for damages
2. Carefully document each incident of damage
3. Review the details of your policy coverage
4. Find a roofing contractor that has your best interest in mind
5. Be aware of misleading contingency contracts
6. Get in contact with your insurance company

The City of Elko, MN

residential home with recent roof replacement

If you have a home in the Elko, Minnesota area, you understand the value of a sound roof overhead. Throughout any year, homes in Elko may experience extreme snowstorms, large hail, high winds, heavy rain, and ice.

People often don’t notice the damage when it first happens. If you have an older home and experienced a recent storm, check your roof as soon as possible. If you notice any damage, give us a call right away! We’ll make sure you get treated with our Gold Star Standard.

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At Gold Star Contracting, we’re proud of our long-standing reputation for delivering outstanding value, superior craft, and high-quality materials. Our roofing contractors ensure that every square foot is perfect no matter what. And we have a stream of good reviews to back it up too.

Contact us today for all your roofing needs in Elko, Minnesota. We can assist with residential and commercial roof repair and roof replacement, not to mention siding and gutters. We offer free estimates and inspections. Call us at 612-254-0854 or click the shiny gold button below!

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