Top 5 Tips For Summer Roof Maintenance

It is easy to overlook roof maintenance during the summer. When no rain or snow is hitting the roof, many homeowners forget about what is above them. Roofs are not visible like a kitchen, so that people may overlook the need for repairs. Homeowners need to regularly inspect their roof for repairs as it will help preserve it and save costs in the long term. Use our top 5 tips for summer roof maintenance to help protect your roof from future damage.

Top 5 Tips For Summer Roof Maintenance

It’s not always enough to simply clean out your gutters. It is a good idea to check your roof regularly to make sure it can survive the summer months and manage what is coming in autumn. This advice goes for both residential roofing and commercial roofing clientele. Fortunately routine maintenance and inspections should only take a few hours and could prevent against costs that could occur from a repair or replacement.

Here are a few helpful hints for keeping your summer roof in tip-top shape:

Keep An Eye Out For Warning Signs

Now that summer is here and your roofing system is clean, carefully climb aboard and check for any indications of issues with the roof. Examine the flashing for any missing shingles or damaged areas. Make a mental note of anything that looks out of place or damaged.

If you can identify issues that need minor repairs early on, you can prevent them from becoming major repairs. Not only are larger repairs pricey, but they may also have an impact on the house’s interior.

One roof leak may cause significant internal damage, which can have a cascading impact. If you do not feel confident enough to inspect the roof yourself, contact a roofing professional to conduct a roof inspection for you. After all, winter is approaching! Getting your roof ready this summer is crucial.

Clean Out Rains And Gutters

One of the essential things you can do for your roof is to keep your gutters and downspouts clean all year long. Many people clean them out in the autumn to remove apparent leaf litter, but items may stay trapped in them all year. Your gutters and drains aid in diverting water away from your roof and house. If this channel gets clogged, water will not be diverted effectively, resulting in a blockage.

Blockages in your gutters and drains may result in a variety of problems for your roof. If your systems get clogged, water can pool on your roof. This can cause damage to the decking and attic. Check that your gutters have not loosened over the severe weather months, in addition to gutter obstruction. Anyone entering or leaving your house may be put in danger from a loose gutter combined with heavy debris.

Drains may not seem to be a part of regular summer roof care, but they may have a significant impact on your roof. Looking for shingle particles in your drains is a fantastic method to identify issues. This is an indication that your roof needs some TLC.

Check For Fungus

Look for potentially hazardous fungus, algae, or mold while doing summer roof maintenance. These are not only terrible for your roof, but they may also be dangerous to the people who live there if they start to enter the roof or walls.

Zinc allows fungi and algae to thrive. It is possible to remove moss off your roof, but be sure you are going out this process safely! Wear work gloves and have someone nearby to hold your ladder for you.

If mold has infiltrated your attic, you should not try to remove it on your own. Hire a professional to remove the mold from your attic using the proper masks and equipment. Mold inhalation carries a slew of health hazards.

Trim Your Trees

Strange weather patterns are becoming more frequent. Storms may occur at any time of year. Even summer storms may cause property damage. Consider the trees that surround your roof while conducting summer roof maintenance.

Trim or remove trees that are too near to your house or have branches that dangle over the roof. Big trees and larger branches are not only hazardous, but they may also totally damage a well-maintained roof.

The weight of snow on the trees around your roof can weaken them throughout the winter. Your trees may be somewhat affected by the time summer arrives. During major storms, unhealthy trees are always a danger.

Cut off the branches and eliminate any trees that seem to be at risk of falling over in a strong wind. Keeping your gutters and drains clean will be easier if you remove branches that extend into your roof area. It is better to have a minimal amount of debris on your roof.

Examine Your Vents

The importance of ventilation in maintaining the condition of your roof cannot be overstated. Take a look at the monthly energy bill before going up to the attic to inspect your vents. If your bill has seen any significant increases or changes outside of typical seasonal fluctuations, your ventilation system may be malfunctioning.

Your bill may have changed due to a loss of ventilation efficiency. If you can detect ventilation problems early on, you can correct them before they cause significant roof damage.

It is also important to check out the metal stripping around your vents, ridge, and chimney is in good shape. Your stripping may have fallen free during severe storms. Replace your weatherstripping before it deteriorates and allows leakages.

Top 5 Tips For Summer Roof Maintenance

Get Your Inspection Before It’s Too Late!

We hope you thought these top 5 tips for summer roof maintenance was helpful! Make summer roof care a priority, even if you have not given much thought to it this summer. Your roof may seem to be in good condition at first glance, but careful inspection may reveal problems that need to be addressed. Early detection of problems can benefit both your house and your pocket.

If you get your roof examined, you will be notified if there are any problems. It will make it easier to detect drainage problems, fungus, mildew, and stripping concerns. It is the safe and smart choice to hire someone to trim your trees and branches for you.

If you need to inspect or repair your roof, Gold Star Contracting, has a qualified team ready to help. We provide high-quality professional roof services for both commercial and residential clients. Get your roof ready for the summer and catch all issues before they impact your home in the long-term.

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