How Weather Affects The Condition Of Your Roof

Unusual weather is affecting more and more parts of the United States. It’s a very serious problem for homeowners and business owners. Whether the damage is during the winter season or sun damage in the summer, there are ways to reduce the impact on your property. It’s important to take preventive measures by making use of the best roofing materials depending on where you live.

Which Kind of Roofing is Best for Your Home?

The roofing system is one of the first line of defenses against outside elements. How do you determine what kind of roofing is best for my property where I live?

1.) Which season spans the longest period of months

2.) Intensity of each season

For example, a homeowner in Arizona knows that hot temperatures reign for 8 months throughout the year. Whereas winter is mild and short. This is a perfect indicator that the the homeowner needs to prioritize sun damage. In contrast, if a person lives in Alaska they know that snowy weather is predominant all year long so they avoid materials that are more prone to leaks.

Does each season bring about harsh weather? Consider temperatures on the coast in Southern California. While there are four seasons, each are so mild that most homes and businesses can choose any type of roofing material.

Winter Damage Affects Your Roof Condition

Best Roofing Material for Cold Weather

Cold weather can be very harsh on roofs. Heavy snow, hail and wind make are ingredients to terrible winter storms. Metal roofing is a great solution against winter damage. It’s sturdy and durable.

Other great alternatives are asphalt and cement tiles. While these are not as sturdy as metal, they do provide the additional benefit of keeping heat in better.

Be sure to consult with a professional roofing contractor in order to make the best decision if you live in a predominantly cold location. Ideally, you want to have your roof condition in the best shape possible by September since cold fronts begin bringing below freezing temperatures in October.

Best Roofing Material for Hot Weather

While the cold can be harsh and difficult to deal with, summer can be an extremely annoying and unbearable season. Aside from that, the sun can cause significant damage to a property’s roof.

Terracotta, slate tiles, EPDM, and green roofs are all very reliable roofing materials to keep the property in the best possible shape. The cost of these materials is going to depend on several factors, but they all provide a solid base of comfort and reliability. It also depends on how hot the weather gets to be in your area.

Some locations have extreme heat and this would usually affect the decision. You can always ask a professional contractor if you are not sure about which type of roof you should get. Sun damage can be relentless on some roofs, so make sure that your property is prepared to handle this type of weather.

Best Roofing Material for Stormy Weather

It’s amazing to think how how much damage winds can cause. While we appreciate a cool breeze on a hot day, it also has the ability to cause destruction.

If you happen to live in any area that is prone to strong winds such as hurricanes, your best bet is to make use of metal sheets. This is going to ensure an optimal performance when wind velocity tries to test out your property.

Slate is also recommended by some contractors depending on the area and the severity of the weather. Hurricane prone areas are bound to have more metal roofs than cold weather or hot weather areas. Don’t’ forget that weather damage is no joke, and it can be devastating for your property.

Finding a Professional Contractor

It is necessary to work with a roofing company that employs professional contractors familiar with the best materials for your local area. Check for online reviews of other property owners who shared their experience working with this particular company. This is always a good hint to their efficiency and it gives you a chance to see if they have enough experience with roof installations.

Don’t be shy about asking questions from your top choices. Check out who will visit your home or business to perform a roof inspection at a free or low cost. Most roofing companies do a free consultation.

Change Your Roof if Needed

Being able to keep your roof condition in the best possible shape is going to be essential. Temperature fluctuations impacts a roofing system. Consider the value of a completely new roof if your existing roof materials are likely to be damaged by the local weather. This might not be ideal for some people due to financial issues but investing now means preventing larger costs on roof repairs. When a roof is ruined by bad weather, the cost of repairs is much higher as the damage often reaches other areas of the property.

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